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Rori's Guitars


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Through the years I have played a variety of differnt guitars and basses.  Some departed, some stuck around, and others just appeared.
My main basses are my Hofner Cavern Reissue and my Hofner V62. I finally retired my 1965 Hofner...
My main acoustic guitars are my Takemine 6 string and my Ibanez 12 string.
My main Electric guitars are my Epiphone Casion vintage sunburst and my Epiphone Les Paul.

All the pretty Hofners...
Left to Right:  1980's Hofner, 1965 Hofner, Cavern Club Reissue Hofner, V62 Hofner, and some 1970's Hofner guitar that plays like crap.


My new Epiohone Casino, light weight, great action and rocks more than my Epiphone Dot.



My brief love affair ended with this beautiful Rickenbacker C.64 when it became to heavy to play.  I traded it for the V.62 Hofner.  It really was a great bass to record with though. 



On its way to joining my guitar family is this Epiphone Texan...nice.