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 The New Album 'Wrong Side of Right' is in production.  You can hear tracks from Head Games and the new album by clicking below. The title track 'Wrong Side of Right' Features Dennis Dunnaway of Alice Cooper fame on Bass.  Thanks Dennis!

  Head Games available on CD Baby!
Yee Haw Y'all.  Now you have somethign to spend your hard earned money on.  What's that you say?  Cds are expensive?  Oh, my friends, this cd can be yours for the cheapo price of...
Seriously, what else are ya gonna do with your money?



Head Games final mix

1. Something's going down
2.Secret Wires
3.Head Games
5.Touch My soul
6. Where have you gone?
7. Another Day
8.Damage Done
9.Can't Keep Keeping it
10. You're so strange


The album was recorded and produced at Guitar Hangar Studios by Rick Tedesco
Rori Shapiro: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Rick Tedesco: electric & lead guitar, keyboards
Russ Wilson: drums and percussion
Ian Hunter: Moral support :)
Dennis Dunaway: giving a job to Jes!